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How much insurance do I need and how much does insurance cost are two questions everyone asks at one
time or another. These questions have to be answered and analyzed, so that consumers can properly assess
their needs and budget to secure a policy that best suits them. Many consumers enjoy being independent by
going online, and getting a quote for themselves with a variety of options. A link to our self-quoting option is
available on each of our pages.

Our site includes detailed sections organized by topic. A summary of each section, and a link to more det
information, is provided on this homepage. Thank you for visiting us today, and please keep in mind that we
welcome your phone call anytime.

How Much Insurance Do I Need in Florida?
This is a question every company and agent endeavors to answer professionally. The many different types of
coverage and limits that are available can be overwhelming. Choosing the most appropriate options that suit
your needs and budget requires due diligence. There is no shortage of information available on the internet to
help you determine appropriate coverage for any type of insurance.

How Much Is Auto Insurance in Florida?
This section of our Website is devoted to Florida auto insurance. Our resource guide in this section includes an
introduction to a series of articles that provide insights on how to lower your car insurance cost for life. Article
titles are links that navigate you to the full text. We also have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions,
and invite you to call us to address your specific concern, without any obligation to receive a quote or buy a
policy. The cost for a contract is different for every policyholder, and the cost for the same policy is different
from every company. Getting a quote for your specific circumstance is the only way to find out exactly what a
policy will cost you. And getting quotes from multiple companies is the only way to be sure you will not over pay.
Florida Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions  l  Florida Auto Insurance Resource Guide

How Much Is SR22 Insurance in Florida?
SR22 is not actually an insurance policy. It is the mechanism by which various states establish proof of
insurance for certain individuals that are required to submit such proof. The cost for a policy with SR22
depends on how much the actual cost for the insurance will be. There is a Florida administrative fee of 15
dollars for SR22 submissions to state authorities.
Florida SR22 Insurance Frequently Asked Questions  l  Florida SR22 Insurance Resource Guide

How Much Is DUI Insurance in Florida?
Driving under the influence, of alcohol or drugs, invites serious consequences no matter where you live. Road
sobriety checkpoints can catch a driver no matter how safely they may be driving. Only a small amount of
alcohol can breach the threshold for conviction and anyone can easily make a mistake. Portable and easy to
use breathalyzers have become standard equipment in police squad cars.
Florida DUI Insurance Frequently Asked Questions  l  Florida DUI Insurance Resource Guide

How Much Is Homeowner Insurance in Florida?
Like car insurance, there are lots of variables that determine the price of a homeowner policy. It can be very
challenging to find an affordable policy if you live near the coast. Ever since hurricane Andrew slammed into
Florida in 1992, coastal home insurance has become more expensive and less available. Storms since Andrew
have reinforced this situation, especially after hurricane Katrina.

How Much Is Flood Insurance in Florida?
Once again where you live matters most when it comes to finding out how much flood insurance is. The cost for
a policy is the same no matter which company you buy from. FEMA regulates flood insurance and sets the
rates. Coverage has been very affordable but this may change because of deficit concerns and like the post
office rates will be going up and service and coverage going down.

How Much Is FR44 Insurance in Florida?
Like the SR22, the FR44 is not a type of policy but rather a process to submit proof of insurance to regulators.
FR44 insurance is exclusively for DUI drivers. Florida and Virginia are the only two states that utilize FR44 while
maintaining their SR22 for other high risk drivers. Elevated liability limits are required with this type of policy.
Florida requires 100/300/50 liability and Virginia 50/100/50 to satisfy their FR44 requirement.