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How Much is Auto Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I know if I'm receiving a good low rate for my Florida auto insurance?
Rates can vary greatly from one company to another. The only way to know for sure you are getting a "good
deal" is to
compare quotes from different companies, using the same coverage options.

When does coverage begin on a new policy?
Coverage for a new auto insurance policy can begin as soon as the application is completed and the initial
payment made. A new policy can also have a future effective date to coincide with the expiration of an existing

What options should be considered when purchasing a new policy?
All options should be explained to you during the quoting process so that you can make an informed decision
regarding all available options. Select those options that are important to you and fit your budget.
How much insurance do I need, should always be carefully considered.

When is a good time to shop around for a different policy?
Often policyholders will shop when they receive a renewal notice from their existing company. They will also
shop when a change is made that has a large impact on price, like adding a youthful operator. However,
anytime can be a good time to shop and potentially save money on your car insurance.

What should I do first to compare rates with other companies?
The first thing to do is review your existing policy. Pay close attention to coverage, limits, and deductibles.
quotes from different companies for the same or similar policy. This way you will be comparing “apples
to apples.”

How do I cancel my current policy if I switch to another company?
Canceling your existing policy mid-term will require a signed request from you. Contact your company or agent
for the exact procedure you need to follow. If you switch at the expiration of your existing policy a signed
request is usually not necessary.

Can a cancellation refund from my current company be applied to my new policy with a different
No. To begin your new policy the initial premium must be paid. A cancellation refund for the unused portion of
your prior insurance will be mailed directly to you.

How do I know if I'm getting all the discounts I qualify for?
Ask the insurance agent or company you are dealing with about all the available discounts. Ask again.
There are numerous available discounts that can be applied to the rate and it's not uncommon for one or more
discounts to be overlooked. Ask again!

Does my spouse have to be on my policy or can they get their own?
Your marital status and information about your spouse will have to be disclosed on the insurance application.
You can exclude your spouse and their vehicle from your policy and not pay for that coverage. Depending on
the insurance company a surcharge may apply for the exclusion. For
car insurance with sr22 or car insurance
with dui driver exclusions are generally not allowed.

Can I make monthly payments on a new policy?
Yes. Companies are happy to offer you a discount for paying a policy in full. If you pay monthly and utilize
electronic funds transfer as the method of payment, a discount is usually applied.

What method of payment can I use for a policy?
The various payment methods are: Check, credit card, debit card, electronic funds transfer, and cash.
Not all companies accept every method of payment or every credit card. A cash payment is only possible at a
local insurance office in person.
Auto Plus Insurance authorized agent can accept payments from our
policyholders for those companies we represent.

If I cancel my policy for any reason do I get my initial payment back?
If insurance coverage was extended to you for any length of time, even just one day, then only the unused
portion of the initial payment will be returned. When there is a state filing associated with the policy, the
company is obliged to notify them of a cancellation.
A new SR22 insurance policy with filing or a new FR44
insurance policy with filing will likely be more expensive than keeping an existing one from cancelling.

If I buy a new policy and someone else drives my car will I be covered?
All household residents and regular operators of the vehicle must be disclosed on the insurance application.
If a friend or neighbor borrows your car one time or on a rare occasion and they are not listed on the
application you have coverage.

What does credit have to do with how much my auto insurance is going to cost?
Most companies have a proprietary method for assigning an insurance score to each customer. This score is
one of many characteristics used to place customers in different tiers or rankings which have different prices.
Information from credit bureaus is used to help determine the insurance score that will be applied.

Why do I pay more when mailing a payment instead of using electronic transfer?
The savings a company realizes, by not preparing a paper bill and mailing it, is passed on to the customer.
Also, insurance companies historically have better retention (maintaining policy at renewal) when the electronic
funds transfer method of payment is used creating a powerful motivator for the company to discount this
method of payment.
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How Much is Auto Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions
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