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How Much is Auto Insurance - Auto Insurance in Florida
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How much is auto insurance is a question every driver asks at one time or another. The cost for a policy is
determined by a series of variables that are unique to each policy. Location, age, history, insurance score,
coverage selection, etc… are just a few of the many factors used to calculate rates. Before a driver receives an
accurate quote all of the determining factors must be evaluated. The information needed is obtained by
questions on the application and computer generated reports such as Motor Vehicle and C.L.U.E. (Claims Loss
Underwriting Exchange).

Compared to most other states insurance rates in Florida are extremely varied depending on what county you
live in. In the urban centers of Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa rates are among the highest in the country. And
in the rural areas of Florida rates are not just reasonable, they can be quite low.
Auto insurance in Miami,
Florida has a very unique set of rating factors that are quite uncommon compared to other cities across the
country. Included in the variables for Miami are things like; senior citizens, foreign nationals, major seaport,  
rampant PIP fraud, and a whole lot of very expensive vehicles on very congested streets.

In the center of the State and in some areas of the Panhandle rates are very low. There is not much traffic to
speak of in these areas and many small towns do not even have a traffic light. Also you won't find any
Massarattis or Ferraris and probably not even a Mercedes or Lexus. Often times the greatest hazard is simply
a cow crossing the road and they don't move very fast. Nevertheless, the average premium in Florida remains
quite high compared to other states.

In addition to unique policy variables, there are many common ones that affect rates too. Learning these
common factors is key to developing a good shopping strategy no matter where you live. Our Florida auto
insurance resource guide includes an introduction to a series of articles that provides insights on how to lower
your car insurance cost for life. The article titles are links that navigate to the full text. Feel free to call us with
any questions or concerns you may have as there is no obligation to buy a policy or to get a quote and see
how much is auto insurance specifically for you. If you have some questions you might find your answers in our
Florida auto insurance frequently asked questions page of our site.
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How Much is Auto Insurance - Auto Insurance in Florida
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