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How Much is DUI Insurance - DUI Insurance in Florida
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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a severe violation which can dramatically increase car insurance rates for
the convicted driver. The sharp increases in rates, along with other consequences of a conviction, are great
deterrents to drinking and driving. As such, many drinkers plan ahead and do not drive. Many others “give up
the keys” when they failed to plan and drink too much. Either way, we are all safer. However, many careful
drivers who have had little alcohol, and are not necessarily impaired, are surprised at sobriety checkpoints or in
other traffic situations to find out they are over the limit. It takes very little booze to impair driving and not much
more to fail a blood alcohol test and law enforcement vigorously seeks out violators. Again, we’re all safer.

Buying car insurance in Florida with a DUI can be a real headache; or, relatively hassle free. This obviously
applies to anything you might purchase; however, the stakes are high after a conviction because the premium
can skyrocket. Less obvious is the favorable impact on rates a driver in this situation can have with a good
shopping strategy. Keep in mind a DUI car insurance policy is like any other except for a few additional
requirements. Under ordinary circumstances there are wide variations in the price of a policy, and one with a
DUI is no different. How much is Florida DUI insurance for you requires getting a quote for your specific

Coverage limits and administrative procedures are the additional requirements for a car insurance policy with
DUI. Requirements vary by state, for example:
DUI insurance Florida requires 300,000 of limits which were
increased in October of 2007, and DUI insurance Virginia mandates $100,000 limits which was increased in
2008. Policyholders accustomed to carrying lower liability limits will naturally experience the greatest increase in
price for a policy with DUI. Additional administrative and underwriting requirements also vary by state. Naturally,
finding out what is required is the first step in finding out just how much does DUI insurance cost.

For many policyholders’ car insurance after DUI can be pretty tricky. Some are canceled from their current
company and treated unwelcoming by others when searching for new coverage. However, there are some
companies that have learned this is good business and compete for it eagerly. It makes sense that drivers will
be more cautious and safer after having experienced all the consequences of a conviction. Buying car
insurance after DUI is the last step in a long arduous journey of consequences for convicted drivers. A person
who has made an innocent mistake by accidentally breaching the legal limit with a small amount of alcohol need
not accept a lousy attitude when
comparing auto insurance quotes.
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How Much is DUI Insurance - DUI Insurance in Florida
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