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FR44 Insurance in Florida: Smart Tips and Helpful Hints
It has only been since 2008 that this State has changed the rules for their DUI drivers. Many agents and most
consumers are unfamiliar with this policy type. The information here is not well-known and is invaluable to those
in need. Securing a low cost policy and getting your license reinstated quickly is not a problem when you have
the right information. The smart tips and helpful hints included in this article was developed over time with
plenty of experience in writing and servicing Florida DUI insurance policies. the rules and regulations that are
required from the State are so unusual that only agents experienced in this policy type are going to know what
they are doing and how best to help the convicted driver. Our agency is the best qualified in the State to assist
convicted drivers.

Florida FR44 Insurance Filing Without a Car
This policy type that does not list any vehicle to insure is known as an operator's policy or a non owners policy.
Whether you received a DUI driving a car or motorcycle, operating a boat or jet ski, or some other vehicle, the
requirements to reinstate your license are going to include proof of liability insurance. For many people a driver
license is not just a privilege but a necessity, like those who need a valid license to keep their job but do not
own a vehicle. Simply doing without insurance after a DUI is not a choice for them and a typical qualified DUI car
insurance policy may be unaffordable or unavailable because of no vehicle to insure. Thankfully they have
alternatives for buying insurance without a vehicle to comply and receive a reinstated license. The underwriting
or qualifying requirements for this policy type are quite restrictive. For example, a policyholder in order to
qualify may not have any vehicle regularly available or even a vehicle garaged at their home address that does
not belong to them, such as a roommate's vehicle. In this circumstance the DUI driver needs to be listed on the
roommates policy to receive a filing.

FLORIDA DUI INSURANCE | Made easy for FR44 Filing!
It only takes just a little bit of consumed alcohol for a person to have a .08 reading or higher on a breathalyzer
test. Once this threshold is breached your driving illegally. Police typically have a portable breathalyzer with
them at all times. Most drivers are pulled over for some other reason than driving erratically. for example a
broken tail light or maybe a roadside sobriety checkpoint is the reason for being questioned and tested for
DUI.  Many drivers immediately think about the effect on their auto insurance after a mishap. The insurance
dilemma caused by DUI in Florida is difficult and complicated while the stakes are high. The tough part is
finding a policy at an affordable rate. This infraction on your MVR will obviously increase your rates.  Just as
obvious is the fact you should not overpay. Drivers deserve excellent service from their agent and company no
matter what appears on their MVR.

Florida DUI Insurance: Raised Limits, Rate Hikes, Tough Choices
Liability requirements for DUI insurance are a minimum of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident of
Bodily Injury Liability and $50,000 of Property Damage Liability. Anyone can become a victim of an impaired
driver so the elevated liability limits help protect everyone. Higher limits and costly insurance are also effective
deterrents against repeat offenders. Help is available from certain companies, there are agents that specialize
in this area, and both are not difficult to find. What is difficult to believe however are all the different rules that
have to be followed. For example since a qualified policy must be a noncancelable one most companies will
demand payment in full to start a policy. Imagine a DUI policyholder starting a new policy with just a down
payment and never making another payment. In such a circumstance the company is obliged to continue the
policy for the full term without even collecting any money beyond the initial down payment.

Florida DUI Insurance and FR44 Filing Process to Reinstate License
The filing process is often the final step to reinstate a driver license and regain driving privileges. The FR44
form and filing (Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate) is the method used to verify insurance compliance
for convicted DUI drivers. The Certificate (Form) is filed (submitted) to the Florida Bureau of Financial
Responsibility electronically by the insurance company after policy purchase. All submissions are required in
electronic format and usually take 24 to 48 hours after policy purchase to be completed. Some companies will
hand type a certificate immediately after purchase which can then be presented to a clerk at the DMV to secure
reinstatement. Our agency frequently faxes the hand type form to our customers at the DMV. A cover page is
required indicating the name, address and phone number of the agency and the name and license number ot
the agent assigned to that policy.
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How Much is DUI Insurance - Resource Guide
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