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Q - Are there any companies offering a monthly payment plan for the SR22 insurance policy?
A -  It depends on the type of SR22 that is required of the driver. In certain circumstances a driver may be
mandated to secure a non cancelable SR22 policy. This means that once a policy is issued it can not be
cancelled and therefore insurance companies will require payment in full. Imagine, a policyholder being issued
a policy with just a down payment and then not make any other payments and the insurance company still
provides coverage for the remainder of the term because they can not cancel the policy. It is easy to see why
companies demand payment in full for a non cancellable policy.

Q - Is it required by the state that all policies with SR22 filings be paid in full?
A -  No it is not a requirement by Florida for any type of of car insurance policy to be paid in full. However, any
type that Florida determines to be non cancellable, the insurance companies will require payment in full.

Q - What are the requirements that need to be met for an SR22 policy?
A - The state requires proof of 10/20/10 liability limits, via the SR22 filing, to reinstate and maintain the
operators license of drivers mandated to do so.

Q - Why do I have to list all household members on my policy even if they do not drive my vehicle?
A -  In Florida, It is a requirement by insurance companies that all household members are disclosed on the
application. In many circumstances a driver, after being disclosed on the application, may be listed as excluded
and therefore no be rated on the policy. In such a case if this driver operated the vehicle there may be no
coverage afforded under the policy.

Q - How fast is my SR22 filed with the state?
A -  Your
Florida SR22 is electronically filed at the time you purchase a policy and will show in the DMV system
within 24 to 48 hrs. This is the only way Florida will accept a filing.

Q - How will I know when my SR22 requirement is no longer needed?
A - You may contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of Florida and they will let you know when
your requirement ends. Your Motor Vehicle Report will also indicate the status. The best way to communicate
with the
DMV in Florida is by email. They will respond to your inquiry within 2 days, often sooner, and this way
you will have the information in writing.

Q - Why am I unable to buy a non owners policy with SR22if I live with others who own a car?
A -  It is a requirement individuals do not reside with anyone and do not have access to a vehicle to buy a non
owners policy and all companies comply.

Q - What will my premium be after the SR22 requirement is no longer needed?
A - The premium will be less but is not determined until after the endorsement or change in your policy is
processed and completed. We have many companies and we will re quote your policy without the SR22 and
give you the lowest rate possible. Your prior Bodily Injury requirement will help you achieve a better rate.

Q - Where can I find my SR22 case number?
A -  You can call or
e-mail the Florida DMV.

Q-  Can I have an SR22 on a motorcycle policy?
A-   Absolutely yes. This is a great way to save some money too. Motorcycle policies are generally much less
expensive than auto policies.

Q-  I need an SR22 filing to reinstate my license. Can I put the insurance under someone else's name and be
an additional driver on their policy?
A-  Yes. It depends on the company, however, as with every other policy, everybody listed on the policy has to
reside at the same address.

Q-  What's the cheapest company to go with if I need an SR22 policy?
A-  Just like with all policies, different companies have different prices for different risks. The best thing to do is
to shop around with reputable companies and compare coverages. We represent several companies that issue
SR22 policies with competitive price.