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Florida SR22 Details to Reinstate License
Not all requirements are exactly the same for everyone. Stipulations of a court ordered suspension may have
different requirements to satisfy. Whether or not Bodily Injury liability has to be included, how long the
compliance period will be, and how a policy may be paid for are the key differences. Here are the facts you
need to get “back on track” with your license.

SR-22 / FR-44 Form and Filing to the Bureau of Financial Responsibility
Policies and procedures for completing and submitting these forms are the same. The differences between the
two are the reasons for their necessity and the type and amount of coverage that is required. The Florida
Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles Website explains that the only function of the Bureau of Financial
Responsibility is to make certain drivers take responsibility for their dealings involving motor vehicles.

SR-22 Florida Auto Insurance Basic Information
This article was first published on Ezinearticles.com in February 2009 clearly explainiig the basics for a policy
with a filing. Since that date the article has been viewed thousands of times yielding hundreds of inquiries to
our agency. We have become experts at assisting drivers who need their license reinstated with a policy they
can afford.

Car Insurance With SR22 Basic Information
Understanding basic SR22 information is important when searching for a policy. State specific details will
determine the exact type required. Just like any car insurance policy, the cost for SR22 insurance is determined
by many different factors. Policyholders basically pay the same for their policy regardless of an SR22
requirement. A small additional administrative fee to process the SR22 is common.

Florida SR-22 Auto Insurance Facts For License Reinstatement
Depending on the circumstances, court ordered suspensions may require different conditions from the SR-22.  
In October of 2007
Florida Form FR-44 replaced Form SR-22 for DUI drivers. The SR-22 filing is only
acceptable on a Florida auto insurance policy. A $15.00 filing fee is added to the cost of a policy. Multiple SR-
22s or an FR-44 and an SR-22 are not issued on the same driver. A new FR-44 filing will supersede an existing
SR-22 requirement. Form SR-26 is used to report a policy that cancels which has an SR-22 filing.-